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Tresanti Adjustable Height Desk ODP10557


The Tresanti ODP10557 is a 47" x 25" motorized adjustable height glass-top desk that raises up to 47".

Purchase Date: 2021-10-01

Review Date: 2022-01-21


I never said I wasn't messy.


The Desk

At only 47" wide and about 25" deep, this is a small desk. If you're in the market for a larger desk, look elsewhere. If you're looking for a more compact desk, or don't need the extra space, then the size is not an issue. I can easily fit my laptop, an external monitor, and a lamp on the top, with room for my Keychron C2 keyboard, mouse-pad, and a little random junk. Okay, maybe I do have a bit too much stuff on my desk.

The desk feels very solid and well built. While I don't love the horizontal bar between the legs, I do understand that such a heavy desk needs good support down there, and I do often rest my feet on or over the bar.

The front of the desk is slightly concave. This helps you stand or sit marginally closer and feels natural. I was unsure about it at first, but have come to like the shape. The shallow pullout drawer on the front matches the curve and while it doesn't allow you to store anything too large, it is a huge plus and is greats for papers, notecards, pens, etc.

Powered Lift

This desk has a good range from low to high, however it does not go quite as high as some others. This has not been a problem for me, but if you tall you will want to check the max height to make sure it will be comfortable for you.

The speed and power of the motor are quite good.

I do not particularly love the touch sensitive buttons on the glass. They are extremely prone to accidental presses. Because of this the table comes with a physical lock button on the side to disable the touch controls. This just feels a bit clumsy. I have gotten used to pressing unlock, hitting my preset height, and them immediately re-locking.

The addition of two USB ports on the side is nice, but if you have the desk near a wall like I do then they are rendered useless.

There is a wireless charging pad on the top of the desk as well. This is nice to have an I do use it, but I would use it more often if the positioning of it was more natural. It's not in a place I find easy to position my phone on and would use it more often if it was, but this is not a major issue.


The glass top of this desk is not very scratch resistant. In less than a year there are scratches in the top surface. I would not say we have been particularly rough or gentle with this desk. It has been used on and off as a work-from-home station. The scratches are small and while very noticeable on their own, they cast a shadow on the white subsurface if you have an overhead light, making them very noticeable. I'm surprised there are nearly half-a-dozen visible scratches already, even if they are fairly small.


The front pullout drawer on this desk is a big plus that many much more expensive models do not have. That said, the drawer is very stiff to open and close. You have to give it a decent amount of force you the drawer to close completely. This is a bit of a nit-pick, but it bugs me every time I use the drawer.

While I have not personally experienced this issue, I have read many reports of people unable to raise or lower the desk all the way because the sensors get out of sync. From my reading of this issue it is easy to fix by resetting the desk sensor. Example:

Decision 👍

This desk can often be purchased for an exceptional deal. It is definitely worth the price if you're looking for a sit/stand desk that is on the smaller size and won't break the bank, but is still well made. The issues I have listed are all pretty minor, just be careful not to scratch it.

The Rest

Search for this desk by name online and you'll find it available from many outlets. I purchased mine from Costco.