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Professional Projects

Here is a summary of some of the professional projects I have worked on.

CIO Remote

Warehouse software for pick, pack, ship functionality. I personally implemented features such as:

  • High volume automated label printing, including 4x6 EPL/ZPL thermal labels, as well as 4x8 and 8.5x11 combined picking and shipping labels.
  • Rate shopping between carriers at shipping time
  • Weight validation of packages to catch mis-picks
  • Mobile device picking and scanning processes
  • Wave picking to efficiently guide workers through warehouse to pick many orders at once into bins on a cart
  • Serial and lot/batch scanning and tracking
  • Mobile Receiving and Put-away¬†
  • End-of-day carrier manifesting
  • Automated printing monitors to detect and resolve or alert on problem printers

The CIO Remote system was sunset in 2024 after company acquisition.

CIO Central

Internal product responsible for expanding legacy warehouse software functionality. I personally implemented features such as:

  • Order routing based on geographic location, inventory levels, shipping price, time-in-transit
  • Customization platform for 3PL providers needing order and routing customizations

The CIO Central system was sunset in 2024 after company acquisition.


ECommerce integration software connecting shopping carts and marketplaces with Order/Warehouse Management Systems to sync orders, shipments, inventory, and products. System was acquired by Extensiv and rebranded as Extensiv Integration Manager. My involvement included:

  • Initial system design and product planning
  • After initial build, scaling performance and reliability of system into a high volume, low touch system.
  • Integrating with dozens of ecommerce systems
  • Integration framework and libs to make integration buildout easy and standardized
  • Alerting and automated retry logic and design
  • Leading product and dev team as the system experienced explosive growth