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This site serves as a compendium of projects that I currently am working on or have worked on in the past (That still exist). Projects may be in various forms of completion which will be noted on their respective page.

The Web Projects section consists of websites I run and PHP scripts I have created. The Programs & Apps section contains applications that I have coded or am directly involved with.


    • 03/01/20 - Launched a new site for printing shipping labels in seconds: BuyALabel
    • 09/30/15 - The project I am in charge of has launched: CartRover
    • 04/13/12 - Check the new app by Egondev and I: Patient Zero
    • 12/29/11 - Goodbye Godaddy
    • 03/26/11 - Hello Stranger published in the Android Market
    • 02/04/11 - Fake News 1.0.4 Released (See Here)
    • 08/07/10 - Android Apps added
    • 06/04/10 - CockFight Alpha 4.1 is released (See Here)
    • 08/24/09 - Added link to the Alpha 3 of CockFight (See Here)
    • 04/27/09 - Added Conficker Virus Checker (See Here)

Thanks for visiting and be sure to check back for updates,

- William Wynn