Web Projects

Here you will find a info on websites and applications that I am involved in or have created.

If a project is old and no longer online, it may be removed from here.


BuyALabel makes it easy for anyone to print a shipping label in seconds, no account required. This site is geared towards people who need to print one quick shipping label and don't want any hassle. No trackers used and no user data stored.


AI Hub

AI Hub was a community website I started in August of 2005. The was originally named 'Chatbot Hub' but was changed in 2008. The site was dedicated to helping those interested in AI and chatterbots as well as spreading information about them. The site contained frequently updated news, articles, reviews, downloads, and links.

AI Hub used to be at:


Fake News Script (GPL)

'Fake News' is the first PHP script I wrote. I wanted to learn more PHP, so in 2006 wrote this as a more robust version of other similar scripts I had seen online. This script can be easily implemented by anyone with a website and ftp access. You simply modify one file (with some basic info) and upload everything to your server.

As the name says, this script is for sending fake news stories to people. Simply fill out their name, city, etc. and it will send them a customized rediculous news story.

This script was written in early 2005. It was distributed under the GNU General Public License (GPL) beginning in 2009. If you would like to modify or redistribute it you must keep the license and copyright information intact.

This script is listed on HotScripts.com.

Check it out online here:


Get the script for yourself attached at the bottom of this page.


Freakycowbot was an AIML based chatbot/ chatterbot that I started back in 2002. The chatterbot was mainly just for talking with, although it also contained some text based games and services. The bot was originally made for the AIM messaging service, but is no longer online. He could also talk via a web based system for times when he was bumped off AIM.

Freakycowbot went offline for good in mid 2009 (The service I was using to host it went down and I lost some of the source).

You can listen to Freakycowbot's Theme song here! It was the first song I created.

Recursive Tees

Recursive Tees is a computer science/ geek t-shirt store I created. I noticed a lack of sites that were dedicated entirely to CS majors, so I decided to help fill the void. This site sells mainly mens and womens t-shirts that I have designed. Shirts are sold in partnership with Spreadshirt.

Check out Recursive Tees at:


Leftover Lunch

Leftover Lunch is a site that my brother (Aaron) and I created in 2005 for the Contagious Media Showdown. This was a competition put on by Eyebeam to see who could create the most viral site. Our site came in a respectable 12th out of 60 for overall hits, and 19th for blog links. The competition was only put on for one year.

Our entry, Leftover Lunch, was a site where users could submit and vote on... well... leftover lunches.

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