Programs & Apps

Here you will find a info on programs and applications that I am involved in or have created. These are all old side projects. For my full time job I currently lead development of CartRover.


Cockfight is a cross-platform, 2D multiplayer video game that was developed as a project at UCSB. The game is written in Java and so is mostly cross platform. The game is a multiplayer Internet/LAN game in which players are either on the human team attempting to catch chickens, or the chicken team as a rooster and must protect the chickens and/or swarm the humans. To the right is a screenshot from an early alpha build of the game. If you would like to download a working version of the game, see the link below. For access to the source code, go to the SourceForge page. For bug reports, use the Launchpad link.

Download CockFight

SourceForge project page

Launchpad bug tracking page

Conficker Checker

Conficker Checker is a very simple Java application I wrote that tests whether or not you have the Conficker virus. Ironically I wrote this on a Linux machine. It does not help you get rid of the virus. It simply tells you yes, or no. This was one of the first applications I ever wrote.

So, get it here and see if you're infected or not. Just save it and double click like any other file (attached at bottom of the page).

WSW Scheduler

WSW Scheduler is a scheduling application I am working on for a university department. When finished I will post more info and also release the program for others to use.

Here are some screenshots from an early build (Click for full size):

Artificial Neural Network

This is a backpropagation ANN I wrote from scratch to analyze online orders and detect fraud. I cannot release the code in its current state, but I've started to generalize it for any purpose and plan to release it as open source (When I find the time).