Cyberpunk 2077 - Getting Started

This page covers the basics of getting started with installing Cyberpunk 2077 mods on the Steam Deck. Once complete, you'll be able to install mods that require either REDmod or Cyber Engine Tweaks (CET).



You can press the STEAM + X buttons together to pull up the on-screen keyboard at any time.


Install Cyber Engine Tweaks

Install Protontricks

If you have Cyberpunk 2077 installed on an SD card, it is vitally important you do the following:

Configure Protontricks

Finish Up Cyber Engine Tweaks

What's Next

I will follow up here soon with instructions on installing a few mods as examples, as well as notes about mods and mod requirements that aren't working on the Steam Deck. I may even get some screenshots added.

You can see a great video version of these instructions by Digital Cynics on Youtube:

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