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hOmelabs Compact Laundry Dryer


The hOmelabs Compact Laundry Dryer is a 3.2 Cubic Ft dryer that runs off a typical 120 Volt North American power outlet.

Purchase Date: 2021-04-10

Review Date: 2022-04-10

Update: This product no longer appears to be sold.



This is a 120 Volt dryer, so just know that it will not dry as much nor as fast as a 240 Volt dryer. 120V is not drawback for this unit as you would only purchase it if you need a 120 Volt dryer.


At 3.2 Cubic feet, this dryer fits more clothing than a lot of other compact 120 Volt dryers. Less dryer loads is a good thing when you're already doing small loads.

I highly recommend that you spin dry your clothes before putting them in this dryer. With less heat output than a standard dryer it can take a very long time if your clothes go in soaking. Many hours.

You'll want to find a way to vent it outside. The easiest way is to pipe the exhaust air out a window. You can use either dryer ducting or even the tubing for a portable A/C.

Like any dryer, don't overload it and remember to clean out the lint. But beyond that, there's not much to say. It's a dryer and it works well.


There are very few drawbacks with this device, so I will mostly be nit-picking.

Occasionally the onboard chip will become confused and refuse to start the dryer. You can tell this has happened because it no longer beeps when you turn the dial, and of course it will not start. Unplugging and re-plugging in the dryer solves this issue instantly. When you place your dryer, make sure you can get to the power outlet easily for when this issue occurs (once every month or two).

The automatic sensor does not always do an excellent job of detecting how much time items need to dry. Sometimes it will end with clothes still damp, and other times it will continue drying for half an hour past what is necessary. I have not noticed a particular pattern here. I will often check on the clothes after it's been running a while, but not always. This is helpful to mix up the clothes and prevent some items from getting balled up and staying wet in the smaller drum.

The lint trap gets loose very quickly with use. After a year, this has not caused any issues beyond me dropping it in the dryer and spilling some lint inside, but it does speak to overall potential build quality.  

Decision 👍

This dryer was a wonderful worthwhile purchase. If you need a dryer that runs off 120 Volts, but is still somewhat large and effective, this is a great choice.

If you're currently hang drying your clothes, as soon as you buy this you'll wish you bought it earlier.

The Rest

My Purchase Price (including tax and shipping): $337.87

hOmelabs Compact Laundry Dryer

Household & Furniture

Tresanti Adjustable Height Desk ODP10557


The Tresanti ODP10557 is a 47" x 25" motorized adjustable height glass-top desk that raises up to 47".

Purchase Date: 2021-10-01

Review Date: 2022-01-21


I never said I wasn't messy.


The Desk

At only 47" wide and about 25" deep, this is a small desk. If you're in the market for a larger desk, look elsewhere. If you're looking for a more compact desk, or don't need the extra space, then the size is not an issue. I can easily fit my laptop, an external monitor, and a lamp on the top, with room for my Keychron C2 keyboard, mouse-pad, and a little random junk. Okay, maybe I do have a bit too much stuff on my desk.

The desk feels very solid and well built. While I don't love the horizontal bar between the legs, I do understand that such a heavy desk needs good support down there, and I do often rest my feet on or over the bar.

The front of the desk is slightly concave. This helps you stand or sit marginally closer and feels natural. I was unsure about it at first, but have come to like the shape. The shallow pullout drawer on the front matches the curve and while it doesn't allow you to store anything too large, it is a huge plus and is greats for papers, notecards, pens, etc.

Powered Lift

This desk has a good range from low to high, however it does not go quite as high as some others. This has not been a problem for me, but if you tall you will want to check the max height to make sure it will be comfortable for you.

The speed and power of the motor are quite good.

I do not particularly love the touch sensitive buttons on the glass. They are extremely prone to accidental presses. Because of this the table comes with a physical lock button on the side to disable the touch controls. This just feels a bit clumsy. I have gotten used to pressing unlock, hitting my preset height, and them immediately re-locking.

The addition of two USB ports on the side is nice, but if you have the desk near a wall like I do then they are rendered useless.

There is a wireless charging pad on the top of the desk as well. This is nice to have an I do use it, but I would use it more often if the positioning of it was more natural. It's not in a place I find easy to position my phone on and would use it more often if it was, but this is not a major issue.


The glass top of this desk is not very scratch resistant. In less than a year there are scratches in the top surface. I would not say we have been particularly rough or gentle with this desk. It has been used on and off as a work-from-home station. The scratches are small and while very noticeable on their own, they cast a shadow on the white subsurface if you have an overhead light, making them very noticeable. I'm surprised there are nearly half-a-dozen visible scratches already, even if they are fairly small.


The front pullout drawer on this desk is a big plus that many much more expensive models do not have. That said, the drawer is very stiff to open and close. You have to give it a decent amount of force you the drawer to close completely. This is a bit of a nit-pick, but it bugs me every time I use the drawer.

While I have not personally experienced this issue, I have read many reports of people unable to raise or lower the desk all the way because the sensors get out of sync. From my reading of this issue it is easy to fix by resetting the desk sensor. Example:

Decision 👍

This desk can often be purchased for an exceptional deal. It is definitely worth the price if you're looking for a sit/stand desk that is on the smaller size and won't break the bank, but is still well made. The issues I have listed are all pretty minor, just be careful not to scratch it.

The Rest

Search for this desk by name online and you'll find it available from many outlets. I purchased mine from Costco.

Household & Furniture

Midea Duo 14,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner


The Midea Duo 14,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner is available as just an AC or also with a Heat Pump. It comes with a dual hose and window attachment piece

Purchase Date: 2023-04-23

Review Date: 2024-03-01




While this looks similar to many portable AC units, there are a few important differences that make installation trickier:

In my personal experience, the window hose attachment came with a broken clip and never fit correctly. It took 10 Months of hounding Midea support to get them to send a new window attachment.

If your window is not close to the floor, you will need to raise the unit up for the hose to reach the window. I purchased a small table for this purpose.

Unless you have drain nearby for some strange reason, you will need a container for it to drain into. Depending on many factor these can fill very quickly or slowly. I recommend a large water jug.


The unit itself is quite good and efficient at providing both cooling and heat. Unlike a traditional AC unit it can run at different strengths, meaning it does not need to constantly click on and off to keep temperature. It can run at a low and quiet setting keeping the room at a more consistent temperature and only runs high and loud when extra cooling is needed (like right when it first turns on).

The app and wifi control are pretty good. One of my favorite features is the ability to set a nighttime "Sleep Curve" where you can schedule the desired temperature throughout the night. The physical remote is also very good and can be used as a remote room thermometer for the unit to get a better temperature reading across the room than what the unit measures itself.

I do wish that this unit had better integration with other smart home ecosystems. You're limited to turning the device on and off through Google/Amazon, but I'm unable to perform anything more intelligent like you would be able to do with a smart thermostat. This may be asking a lot for a portable unit, but it feels held back by it's decent app and lack of integrations outside the Midea ecosystem.



Midea customer support is atrocious in my experience. I got the runaround for 10 months with promises they would send me the piece that arrived broken. I finally got lucky and got a hold of someone who spent the time to get me the proper replacement part. If you have something more fundamental broken than just a plastic clip, have fun with the return process of a 75lb AC unit.

If you cannot put your Midea unit within two feet of a window, it won't work. You'll likely find yourself fighting with the window attachment and needing to raise your unit off the ground. Both of these issues make the unit not really portable.

Drainage is a real issue with this device. If you only use it for cooling, you can use a single drain, but if you use other feature like heating or dehumidifying, there are separate drains for each! Apparently they want you to move the single provide drain tube around every time you use a different feature. I am not able to comprehend why everything cannot drain to the same place and you may find yourself needing to buy extra drain tubes to use all the features. It is not practical to cap the drain and move the unit to drain as needed. The unit will fill with water much too quickly at times.

The heating functionality uses a heat-pump that could be a lot more efficient. It apparently cannot run if the temperature falls below the low 40s Fahrenheit. This may make the heating functionality useless for most people.

Decision 👎

I'm truly mixed on my final recommendation here. The unit itself performs well and is almost great, but the downsides make this less practical than expected. For the price, I would expect better drainage, better window attachments, and better company support.

If you have a drain situation setup, and your unit can be within two feet of a window, this may work great for you. Don't call it portable though.

This is a good first step at an inverter heat-pump style portable AC unit. Hopefully the next generation will resolve the quality of life issues and improve the heating capabilities.

The Rest

My Purchase Price (including tax and shipping): $719.39

Main Website: Midea



Beats Studio Buds


The Beats Studio Buds are water resistant wireless earbuds with active noise cancellation and a long battery life.

Purchase Date: 2022-12-25

Review Date: 2022-12-31



The Beats Studio Buds are a middle tier earbud with good sound quality. Their small in-ear form factor, sound quality, and battery life are all standout features, however they also lack some features that have come to be expected in premium earbuds.

Key features:

Missing features:


The Good

The Beats Studio Buds have great build quality, a sturdy case, pretty good sound (for wireless earbuds), and great battery life.

The battery life here really is top notch, and even if you do use the earbuds so long that they run out of juice, they will quick-charge in the case. Put them in the case for just a minute or two and you'll get over an hour more listening time.

The earbuds and case have a great premium feel to them, this is important for earbuds as they are prone to breaking quite easily.

I find these fit very well in the ears, stay in better than I expected, and are easier to put in than I expected. You may need to spend a minute getting used to their shape and how to insert them. Despite their tiny size, they are easy to take out of the case and put back in without dropping them.

The Okay

The Active Noise Cancelling (ANC) and Passthrough modes are okay at best. I don't think they have included enough microphones on this device to provide higher quality ANC or passthrough unfortunately.

It is difficult to tell which sound mode you are in, especially since ANC and passthrough aren't very exceptional. Exacerbating this is the use of sound effects telling you which mode you are in when you switch. I will never learn which sound means which, and find myself switching though them multiple times and clapping or tapping to try and tell which one I am in. I prefer earbuds that say which mode they are in when you switch, For example speaking out the words, "ANC" or "Ambient".

The buttons on these earbuds are physical. I'm normally all for physical buttons, but on earbuds, touch controls are much better. These are some of the best physical buttons I've tried on earbuds, so they aren't a major downside, but you are a little limited on the number of things you can control because of them. The plus side however is you'll never get accidental presses or wonder if you're pressing in the correct spot.

The Bad

While one-touch pairing is supposed to do away with all your bluetooth pairing troubles, I actually had a worse experience pairing these to my Android phone than I have ever had with any bluetooth device in over a decade. The setup workflow is unclear as it tries to pair and install an app at the same time, leaving you on a screen with incorrect instructions. After my first time pairing, the earbuds would not reconnect to my phone, so I had to reset them and start from scratch. The second time I got errors with no way to resolve them. Eventually after a phone reboot and earbud reset everything paired fine. It was an incredibly frustrating experience and their app provides zero advice if everything doesn't go exactly as they have planned.

At this price-point it is unacceptable to not have proximity sensors.

It is not possible to control both ANC and volume at the same time. By default, you cannot control the volume level. I find it unbelievable that any company makes wireless earbuds that don't let you adjust the volume. Volume control is core functionality, full stop. Having said that, the poor passthrough does mean you could just give up that functionality and switch the headphones to volume control. Even with the change, volume control is still poorly implemented.

The case is very large despite these being very small earbuds. I'm not sure why they designed such a large case compared to other earbuds on the market. I want to keep earbuds in my pocket all the time, and these take up way too much pocket space. If you keep them elsewhere, this likely isn't as big of a deal for you.

Decision 👎

While the Beats Studio Buds have a quality build and decent sound, the feature-set for the price-point is not quite there. Never pay full price for these. Even on sale there are completing products with good sound that include more features.

Your pairing experience may differ, and I hope it does, but one-touch pairing did not live up to the promise for me. And when it fails, you'll wish for your old pair of earbuds that at least would pair, even if it took 1 minute the first time.

I am using and enjoying my pair since they were a gift, but even receiving them for free I still dearly miss a proximity sensor for auto play-pause.

The Rest

My Purchase Price (including tax and shipping): This was a gift. Standard retail price is $149.99. Can often be found on sale for $99.95

Main Website: Beats


Boltune Wireless Earbuds 030


The Boltune 030 are water resistant wireless earbuds with active noise cancellation and in-ear detection.

Purchase Date: 2021-09-10

Review Date: 2022-01-25



The Boltune 030 are budget earbuds first and foremost. They drew my attention because they punched above their weight in features and promised audio quality. There are many different models that come out on a regular basis, so this review may function well as a general review of Boltune earbud quality.

Key features:

The Good

These earbuds are significantly better quality than their price may suggest. The audio quality is on par with $50+ earbuds, with healthy levels across the spectrum.

These earbuds are both comfortable to wear and use. The touch sensitive pads on each bud are easy to find and press with a light touch. The controls are easy to learn and I rarely found myself making mistakes after the first week of use.

Active noise control is a great feature, and it works very well here. You can turn it off if desired while listening to music/etc, or set it to passthrough to pause your audio and hear the outside world almost as clearly as if you didn't have earbuds in.

The batteries in the earbuds themselves last a long time, and the case will charge them up several times over before needing a recharge itself. I never found myself wishing the battery lasted longer. The case is compact, feels nice, uses USB-C, and fits easily anywhere.

The earbuds connect fairly fast since they start connecting as soon as you open the case lid. They are also reliable in their connection, and I have never needed to re-pair them to fix any issues. Taking one out of your ear causes them to auto-pause your music, and putting them back in resumes it.

The Okay

Build quality and longevity are where Boltune saved some money on these earbuds. They feel good enough quality to the touch, but with my first pair the touch controls broke out of the blue, and my second pair sometimes act up as well. Boltune did replace my first pair after having my run through some basic checks. But they also forgot to ship the replacement from their warehouse and after a month I had to reach out asking for a tracking update. They quickly shipped my replacement after that. 

The Bad

I find the earbuds difficult to remove from the case. The shape of the exposed portion of the earbuds make them slippery and easy to drop when you are removing them. I would say be careful, but even still you are bound to drop them. This is bound to shorten their lifespan when coupled with their mid-range build quality.

In some instances one of the buds would not fully settle into place causing it not to charge. At least a few times one of the buds died on my because it had not charged, despite being in a charged case for hours beforehand.

The earbuds constantly disconnect and reconnect whenever I use them for phone calls. It appears that using the speakers and mic at the same time cause the connection to drop. The earbuds do automatically reconnect fairly quickly, but you can miss a lot of important things when audio cuts out for 5 seconds every few minutes. I do not know if this happens when connected to all devices, or it is an issue with my phone specifically. As it is now, they are not suitable for phone calls for me. Thankfully I only use them for music and podcasts 99% (invisible) of the time.

Decision 👍

When on sale for under $50, these are a worthwhile pair of wireless earbuds. They sound good and are feature packed.

The trade-off you are making with a cheaper pair of Boltune earbuds like this is reliability. You may occasionally run into audio, connection, or even hardware issues. I would not expect these to reliably work for more than 2 years. 

With the exception of the connection dropping on calls (Which may be a deal breaker for many), I have not had any major frustrations with these earbuds, and I often hear similar or worse frustrations from people using expensive name-brand wireless earbuds.

The Rest

My Purchase Price (including tax and shipping): $39.75

Usually on Sale at TaoTronics

Usually full price at Boltune:


System76 Darter Pro (darp5)


The Darter Pro is a 15" linux-first ultrabook made by System76.

Purchase Date: 2019-04-01

Review Date: 2022-01-20