Working from the Beach

Publish Date: 2022-04-10

I live very near the beach currently and want to make the most of it, knowing that I likely won't live near one forever. Armed with a desire to enjoy life, a world freshly molded by a global pandemic, and a few beach accessories, I set off to change my work-from-home environment from a boring home office, to a luxurious beach atmosphere.

The Plan

My goal was to spend an entire day working from the beach. I currently work from home in the field of software development, so this seemed achievable. For this to work, I planned out a few requirements and things I would need.


My list was simple:

Things To Bring

This is the checklist I created in advance to make sure I had everything I needed for success. I already owned everything I thought I would need, so this plan would not cost me anything.

Beach Equipment

Work Equipment



Ah yes, I forgot to mention I have two dogs that I did not want to leave at home alone, so they must be included. Go ahead and add them to the list of requirements.

The Day Of

We actually start the day before when I realized the weather was looking great and I packed up the beach wagon with all my supplies except food, so that I would be ready to go in the morning with nothing in my way.

I decided not to bring an extra monitor for my first day out of fear of running out of battery, so I brought my tablet instead.

Since my biggest concern was whether or not I would have a strong enough internet connection while tethered to my phone, I took my 9am morning standup meeting at home as usual. After helping out with a few issues in the morning that I didn't want to risk missing, I grabbed drinks, my lunch, the dogs, and we were out just after 10am.

My walk to the beach took about 20 minutes. There is a closer beach about 10 minutes away that does not allow dogs, so I made the trek to the dog friendly spot. The wagon was easy to pull and the dogs behaved.


Setup was quick and easy. In no time at all we were settled and my office was open for business.