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Patient Zero

Patient Zero Android App
Patient Zero is a virtual pandemic simulator where you create a virus and spread it to other real players across the world. Designed to have just the right mix of realism and fun, you'll be compelled to drive just a few miles further than your destination just so you can infect that person just out of your range.

I design and manage the database as well as code most/all of the back-end that supports the app and tracks infection spread.

Right now we are just a two man development team working on new features as fast we can make them stable in our spare time.

Check it out on the Android Play Store!

Patient Zero now has its own site:

Hello Stranger

Send and receive messages to and from random strangers.
You can check out the app in the Android Market here or at SlideMe here.

  • 03/15/12 - Fixed layout issues where some buttons were improperly placed. This update not published to market.
  • 08/02/11 - Random live chat with users now inside the app rather than a browser link.
  • 05/17/11 - Backend optimizations. Added getting a random quote from the web.
  • 04/26/11 - Minor UI tweaks and back-end changes. Published to Android Market.
  • 11/09/10 - Fixed nickname bug, switched Twitter integration to OAuth, added app icon.
  • 08/25/10 - Made it harder to accidentally submit the 'too short or repeat' warning message.

MPG Tracker

Track your vehicle's MPG. Every time you fill up completely, just enter how many miles you've driven and how much gas you purchased. This app calculates MPG, stores it separately for each car, and shows a graph of average mileage.
A package will be posted if I ever get around to making it more stable.

William Wynn,
Mar 15, 2012, 3:42 PM
William Wynn,
Aug 22, 2010, 4:06 PM